Audio from Live Recording from California

In early December, our family was flown out to California for me to speak at the Virtue in the Wasteland Christmas Party in addition to recording a podcast with them which you can find here. It was an amazing trip and I miss California and the folks from Legacy 1517 and ViW so much.

Here is the live recording of the show, I hope you enjoy the whole show.

Virtue In The Wasteland Christmas Party

Discernment in Recovery Groups

The Scarlet Virgins Episode #26 – Discernment in Recovery Groups

For folks who are recovering from childhood abuses (legalism, physical abuse, cults, etc), recovery groups seem like a good resource for recovery. But are some recovery groups worse for you than the thing you were originally recovering from (or at least compounding the trauma)? Kicking wounded people while they are down?

In this podcast episode of The Scarlet Virgins, Rebecca shares her thoughts on why we need to use discernment when it comes to these kinds of communities.

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Interview with author of the book “Sexy” – Dr. Jeff Mallinson

Scarlet Virgins Podcast Episode #25 – Interview with the author of “Sexy” – Dr. Jeff Mallinson

In this episode, recorded live in California at Professor Mallinson’s home, Rebecca interviews the author of the book “Sexy” about finding erotic virtue in perplexing times.

Among the things discussed: the “sin of Onan,” Prostitution, Sexual Assault, Victim Blaming, Hollywood, and Christian Sexual Ethics.

I think you guys are really going to love this interview with Jeff! If you’d like to hear more from him check out his work on, and look up his book “Sexy” on Amazon.

Listen Online here at the bottom of the page or by going to The Scarlet Virgins Podcast in iTunes (subscribers will already be notified of this episode being released, but it may take a few hours for it to show in iTunes – I apologize for the inconvenience.

Interview with Virtue in The Wasteland

I am so thankful to have been flown out to California for the Virtue in The Wasteland Christmas Party and Family Reunion.  While there, I was interviewed live at the party and also recorded two podcasts. Here is the first one where both Jeff and Dan interviewed me about my book, the current sexual scandals, and my thoughts on the hashtag #churchtoo.

You can listen online here.


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