Food Allergy Friendly Halloween Treats

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My little one inherited some of my food allergies, which can make holidays like Halloween difficult. I did not develop my food allergies until I was well past trick or treating age, so my parents never had to worry about it. My son is still young, but as he gets older I don’t want him to feel left out on Halloween.

In recent years, I’ve come across the Teal pumpkin project, which is a great alternative for children with food allergies, but it hasn’t been well-received by everyone. The general idea is to place a teal pumpkin on your porch for parents to know that your treats are safe for little ones with food allergies. Some folks take personal offense to children with food allergies being “catered to” and while I don’t expect strangers to understand or prepare for my son’s allergies, seeing teal pumpkins on porches is comforting. It is a sign of people who understand and want to be sure a child isn’t left out.

While a few of the neighboring apartments put out teal pumpkins last year, I plan on going to our church’s Reformation Carnival this year.

To prepare for this, I will potentially be doing one of a few things:

  1. Giving the alternatives treats to the folks running it beforehand.
  2. Swapping candy out after the fact.
  3. Having him donate the candy so he knows what is happening and giving him a basket at the end of the night full of special treats.

These are the alternative treats I’ll be using!

How are you handling Halloween for your little one with food allergies?


Food Allergy Friendly Halloween Treats

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